Fibers and Yarns That Work

As one of North America’s leading manufacturers of carpet yarns, Pharr Fibers & Yarns is committed to innovation and customer service. We offer state-of-the-art bulked continuous filament carpet yarn extrusion, space dyeing, cabling and heat-setting.


Modern fleet, capable of producing white dyeable and solution dyed BCF yarns.

Space Dye

Customized Belmont Space Dyed BCF yarns. We have a full range of space dying – from micro to long space, singles to two ply and either nylon or polyester.


High speed cabling with advanced tension-controlled systems.

Air Twisting + Entangling

Gilbos computer-controlled machines that are able to configure up to 5 yarns into a single finished yarn bundle offering different colors, lusters and dye effects.

  • Superba Heat Set

  • Superba Heat Set

  • Power Heat Set

  • Power Heat Set

Heat Setting

  • Superba Heat Set
  • Power Heat Set

Superba and multi-channel Power Heat Sets produce both straight and textured (frieze) finished yarns.

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