Yarns That Perform

Pharr offers a wide range of bulked continuous filament yarns in polyester, nylon 6 & 6-6, either self-extruded or sourced from a range of fiber suppliers. Products are available in a full range of lusters (bright to full dull), in both white dyeable and solution dyed deniers from 960 to 2600 (1050 to 2900 decitex) and from 3 to 25 denier per filament.


  • White dyeable, lusters from bright to full dull
  • Solution dyed color ranges
  • Deniers from 1000 to 1500 (1100 to 1650 decitex)
  • Range of Denier per filament


  • Polyamide Nylon 6
  • Polyamide Nylon 6,6
  • White dyeable lusters (bright to full dull)
  • Dye affinities (light, regular, deep, cationic)
  • Solution dyed color ranges
  • Deniers from 895 to 3000 (985 – 3300 decitex)
  • Range of denier per filament (tactical softness)
  • Specialized scrubber yarns

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